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we when the sex is gay

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jooooe biden

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joe biden wake up

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joe biden

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im mj and im evil and insane, i hate democracy

i would like to join george as mj (the amazing) ((the "the amazing" part is optional))

i would like to join with the colour #f2a400 (dont look it up (dont add homestuck to the search also))

if thats unavailable id be happy with #b00b69 (legit a fire colour)

crypticcoder.co.uk (pending redesign) would be cool to have on george i guess

contact me at the following:

  • crypticCoder#2635 (dees cord)
  • mj@crypticcoder.co.uk (email)
  • mj@ubq323.website (xm pee pee)
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womp womp

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ill play if ubq does her gotdamn maths work

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Cock Balls even