why does libre code need installation instructions? #397

heavoid src #3777

surely if it's open source, people can just look at the source code and deduce what it should do, and imagine what their computer would do in response to it.

fragmentSagisces src #3779

in theory this would work but unfortunately a large portion of current generation People don't have the processing power to handle most applications so in practice this isn't yet a feasible alternative

caesar src #3781

the installation instructions act as a cache. people can read them, which is fast, instead of doing computations that could take a long time. ergo, the developer precomputes how to install the software, and writes it down so future computation on how to install the software can be performed in amortised Ο(1) time

taswelll src #3782

you dont need instructions, just do paru -S the-software

caesar src #3783

that's a faster cache. some caches are faster than others. the instructions are only for if the faster cache of a package not being available in an external repository or in the AUR does not yet exist.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #3929

I know this is a joke, but I think package managers should handle all installation. as such, no instructions required!

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