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Seems the certificate is suddenly not trusted for some reason...

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it's the word with the most poggies

Seirdy (edited ) #2560

my webfinger endpoint if anyone wants to (web)finger me 🥺

Seirdy #2559

almost done with the first week of wrath month

Seirdy #2558

Imagine putting your apioforum page in your socials.

Normalize linking your apioforum profile in your webfinger endpoint

Seirdy #2556

Imagine putting apioforum in your socials

This message brought to you by people who put their links on their own website instead.

Seirdy (edited ) #2555

I have added auto-updated links to my homepage. Instead of using the iframe, I made links update while my static site is built. It is rebuilt regularly. This should also save you some bandwidth, since visits to my homepage will not hit your server. downloads the iframe and uses htmlq to extract the prev/home/next links, and then inserts them into a CSV file containing all my webring links.

The Hugo template for my webrings builds an HTML representation of each entry in the CSV file.

GEORGE is too great to listen to the whims of the client side. GEORGE shall be delivered to all clients, regardless of their iframe compatibility. Even web crawlers shall see GEORGE---nay, GEORGE shall see them.

(also im not fragmenting the ring anymore, you can remove that notice from the homepage).

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Seirdy #2474 bees bees beeeeeee


Seirdy (edited ) #2472

Dread it. Run from it. GEORGE comes just the same. GEORGE will not watch out for that tree. I'd like to join the GEORGE ring (preferably before Forever does because they're trying to catch up to my webring count /j) Both I and Forever would like to add plain HTML links rather than an embed, if at all possible.

Preferred color: as black or as white as possible.

Webbed Site: Name: Seirdy

Seirdy #2471

objectively the best word