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I wish to begin an activity. the rules of the activity are as follows:

  • in this thread, one may post a reply containing a single sentence.
  • each sentence should contribute to an overall story.
  • anything goes story-wise (except that which should be obvious), but each reply should be a good-faith contribution to the story, and keep in mind the cardinal rule of improv, "never say no*".
  • one may not post two replies in a row.
  • refresh the page right before posting to avoid conflicting replies.

I will post the first sentence.

* do not take this literally

citrons (bureaucrat) src #4324

they were at once aghast at the scene before them.

heavoid src #4325

everyone had been turned into ghasts (minecraft).

citrons (bureaucrat) (edited ) src #4326

they had been prepared for many things, but they could not have predicted the cacophony of screeching square specters suspended at the scene.

munvoseli src #4327

they tried to find a use for chairs, because they didn't want to throw all the chairs in the garbage.

quintopia src #4328

Elise heaved a sigh and began directing the Paranormal Response Team to head off the incident before the victims began migrating.

ultlang src #4329

she had already caught sight of signs of starting migration - they had to find a use for the chairs as soon as possible.

caesar src #4330

unfortunately for them, an evil person by the name of Jerry Z. Evilperson, appeared in the room, and started to disassemble the chairs.

munvoseli src #4331

the ghasts continued to lose what personhood they had left as the tethers to their previous selves became wood and nails.

darxoon src #4332

the chairs became more dreading every second, turning the ghasts into a ticking timebomb

quintopia src #4333


caesar src #4334

Jerry Z. Evilperson is now satisfied, watching one of their schemes come to fruition.

quintopia src #4335

With all the chairs catastrophically and suddenly disassembled, Elise cursed quietly in gratitude that none of her team was injured.

darxoon src #4336

upon seeing that the tragic fate of the chairs has caused the migration of the ghasts to complete, however, her calm regressed quickly.

gollark src #4337

Fortunately, her team's defensive cordon outside the building had held, and she didn't need to call in an orbital laser strike yet.

caesar src #4339

« Drats! » thought Jerry Z. Evilperson, who had sabotaged the orbital laser in hopes an orbital laser strike would be called in.

big brother (bureaucrat) #4340
this post never existed.
heavoid src #4341

"this post never existed", big brother spoke.

gollark src #4342

As Big Brother was a ghast at this point, this was not particularly clear to anyone nearby.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #4343

aggravated from being unnoticed, and as ghasts are wont, Big Brother regurgitated a flaming mass towards Elise and her tactical operatives.

quintopia src #4344

"Assemble the megazord!" she yelled at her team as they all dived for cover behind the broken cement walls.

heavoid src #4346

it seemed hopeless, but then she realised there was a trapdoor behind her labelled "zzcxz".

quintopia (edited ) src #4347

She scrambled over to the steel trap door and yanked on it, but it was locked shut with an electronic padlock, and her handheld electronic lock data jammer seemed to be itself jammed by a nearby electronic lock data jammer jammer.

gollark src #4348

Suddenly a grinding noise sounded from behind her: the megazord had finished assembling itself from the parts her team had brought, and was rapidly running through its startup procedures.

mb src #4349

as it was doing so, the electronic lock data jammer jammer jammed, so she could now open the electronic lock using the electronic lock data.

quintopia src #4350

"damn!" yelled Jerry Evilperson, getting out and firing up his electronic lock data jammer jammer unjammer.

mb (edited ) src #4351

unfortunately this too was jammed by the electronic lock data jammer jammer unjammer jammer.

quintopia src #4352

Before Jerry could get out his electronic lock data jammer jammer unjammer jammer unjammer, Elise finished jamming the electronic lock, opened the hatch, and jumped into the dark, her glowing shoulder patches revealing a maze of twisty little passages, all alike, all full of approaching ghasts.

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