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this post never existed.
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forgive me for talking about my special interest for a moment (presidents) however ronald reagan is the worst president in american history whereas his predecessor Jimmy Carter is the best president in american history also emma goldman is one of the smartest and most correct people to ever live

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Wow that is unpopular.

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thank you i did my best

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true crime documentary media is almost always bad and consuming it is a waste of time

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I agree with the above.

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i dont like sunsets at all, because sunsets are beautiful, but theyre overrated and if the sun goes solar flare i often end up seeing nothing but a big blue screen saying that an exception 0e has occurred in some weird place.

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the sun just went solar flare at you

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*gets back up from some random failure* yeah i noticed

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being up to date doesnt always mean better... its better to go some versions behind in some cases... and if the thing to update is the bios, you might get it corrupted because of some issues while installing (e.g. power goes down, false virus positive, etc)

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If an update to a thing makes that thing worse, that is the point at which that thing should be forked.

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madrid is extremely underrated, paris is overrated, theres more stuff in paris other than the eiffel tower and the triumph arch, and i agree with thatguywithsoup, london is really overrated

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nope there is nothing worthwhile in madrid

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