poll: is better ascii or ansi art? #494

ascii or ansi?

  1. ascii art is better: 2 votes
  2. no, ansi art is better: 4 votes
ascii a...: 2 no, ans...: 4 poll: ascii or ansi? option "ascii art is better": 2 votes option "no, ansi art is better": 4 votes total votes: 6
serverman src #5180

post here

BlueManedHawk src #5239

If one wants to create arbitrary images, there's no reason to use either. If one is looking for a challenge, they both fill unique niches.

fragmentSagisces src #5241

what about the desire for the specific æsthetic that text-based art evokes?

BlueManedHawk src #5242

I suppose rasterising a displayification of such a textfile would make things easier, though i'm not really sure how much that's fundamentally different to programming any other image.

bruh2 src #5316

i grew up with those ads and menus made with ansi.

thatguywithsoup (edited ) src #5319

ah, nethack's graphics... they remind me of that awful game i made when i was 8. i had a great time making it. it sucks though.

took me a long time to get the title screen to look nice xd

quintopia src #5325

I'm going with the currently adopted standard because it allows you to do text art in more contexts due to the broad support. For instance, bad apple in YouTube captions

BlueManedHawk src #5354

Nethack's graphics are not asciiärt. That said, i know of a game that uses [can use] graphics like that and has asciiärt.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #5357

I don't understand what this poll is about. ASCII is a text encoding created by ANSI. what is "ANSI art"?

citrons (bureaucrat) src #5358

oh, I've looked it up. it utilizes code page 437. I see.

janmusija src #5359

I'm partial to the code page 437 art as an on-and-off dwarf fortress player

BlueManedHawk src #5376

It's been a long while since i've played Dwarf Fortress. I ought to again sometime.

citrons: I understood ‘ANSI art’ to refer to art that takes advantage of ECMA-48 termesc codes, regardless of charset.

serverman src #5636


ansi gives more possibilities than ascii

motan src #5640

doesn't ANSI art support color?

quintopia src #5657

i would assume so, since aforementioned escape codes include color codes

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