Does it bother you #499

quintopia src #5390

When there are physics mistakes in "Animation vs. Physics"

serverman src #5391


caesar src #5392

didn't they imply string theory was real in that at some point?

quintopia src #5407

perhaps, but it never includes any labels making it overt. i have no complaints there.

caesar src #5408

i have very strong complaints over. string theory is inherently absurd, due to (somehow) requiring the sum of all natural numbers to equate to -⅟₁₂, which is nonsense. ergo, string theory cannot possibly be entertained.

quintopia src #5413

but it may not be string theory! it may just be fantasy people making stringy bits out of fantasy material! so it may not be subject to your complaint!

citrons (bureaucrat) src #5414

it's clearly a reference to string theory.

quintopia src #5415

the strings in superstring theory cannot be used as ropes though.


gollark src #5416

I really preferred Animation vs Maths. Animation vs Physics just threw arbitrary shiny concepts around without much coherence or explanation. Also, I saw at least one mistake, as you say.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #5417

I also prefer the former.

onion (edited ) src #5418

caesar, it is not nonsense to give the value -1/12 to the sum of all natural numbers. It is misleading to say that it equals -1/12 when the method used to get that result is not specified but when it is then it can be proven. It's really just a matter of definition : under the usual definition of infinite series it doesn't exist, but under Ramanujan summation it's -1/12. It turns out that some models used in physics (not just string theory) give the same value to that infinite sum as Ramanujan summation, but they do not need the sum to fundamentally be equal to -1/12 and they do not imply that even if they accurately describe the world (because that doesn't mean anything if we can't agree on definitions), they only imply that you can get that result if you use that particular definition of what the value of an infinite sum is

caesar src #5419

it is complete nonsense.

serverman src #5420

its weird.

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