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sooo ive recently been very into making music. and this is where i dump it.

so far ive made these tracks:

this one
this one
this one
this one
this one

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oh, gee, a music thread. Time for me to make this my home I guess.

Here's one of my favorite pieces (or, well, sections of a piece), the tango from Schnittke's Faust cantata.

Also, here's my musescore profile, where I never post anything. And here's my youtube channel where I somtimes post various improvisations. And this is my extremely long playlist of various pieces I like. It's over 40 hours long atm.

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I have ideas in my head for music i want to create that i've recently realized i've unwittingly constructed in such a way that they are forcibly tied down by traditions of what music supposedly needs to be. Considering this thread, i therefore will ask: what is the correct tracker software to use? (Man, that's an unfortunately named bit of nomenclature.)

quintopia src #5469

There is no "correct" tracker software. There is tracker software tailored to different purposes.

If your goal is to maximize iconoclasm, eschew tracker software altogether. It will forcibly tie you down via the traditions "quantizing note onsets to particular subdivisions of a tempo." Or rather, it will make it a bit of a slog to avoid such traditional notions of "rhythm." Most tracker software also makes you put in extra effort to avoid quantization of pitch to a 12TET scale.

BlueManedHawk src #5470

I am fully aware that tracker software will tie me down to tradition; however, since the ideas i have in my head for certain songs i want to create are already tied down to tradition, this means that if i were to create those songs by means of a tracker i wouldn't be any more tied down than i already would be.

There should be one, and preferably only one, obvious way to do “it”, whatever “it” may be. What is this when “it” comes to tracker software?

quintopia src #5471

The way you keep putting "it" in quotations suggests that you're strongly implying you want to be able to save your works as .it (Impulse Tracker) files. If that's your main criterion, my recommendation would be OpenMPT. The core application is FOSS, is well-maintained and regularly updated, and is very featureful.

BlueManedHawk src #5472

The quotification of the word ‘it’ was unrelated to anything having to do with the format of works.. Does this fact change your recommendation?

quintopia src #5473

Given that there are many popular trackers with their own fan bases targeting particular phonic niches, I think you will not get a better recommendation without spelling out what you would like to see in a tracker.

BlueManedHawk src #5474

I want it to be as flexible as possible.

quintopia src #5475

A tracker will never be as flexible as possible. For that you want a full DAW. Trackers are for rapid production, balancing flexibility against ease of use.

However, within the tracker space, I stand by my recommendation. Dozens of file formats supported, dozens of available plugins.

You'll want something else for editing samples directly perhaps. That's not what a tracker is for.

BlueManedHawk src #5476

No, a tracker is definitely what i'm looking for, because it forcibly binds its user with tradition, something i'll be unaffected by for the songs i wish to create with it because they've already turned out to be constructed in my mind with bindings of tradition anyway. A DAW is way overkill for me.

I do not care about file format support; as i stated before, there should be one, and preferably only one, obvious way to do something, and that applies to file formats as well. I do not approve of plugins on a conceptual level, as i have previously stated.

quintopia src #5477

You contradict yourself.

"I want to maximize flexibility"

then immediately

"I want to be bound and limited and not have options to choose between"

What the hell is flexibility if not being given options to choose between?

Given what I'm hearing, I don't think it'll end up mattering in the end which tracker you choose. Just pick one and get started. Thinking about the different trackers you could choose is just a waste of time to someone uninterested in having choices. Making the music is the real point, right? So get to doing that already.

BlueManedHawk src #5478

Which specific statement are you referring to when you say that i said that latter statement? There are multiple that it could refer to.

quintopia src #5479

It was a summary of all of them.

The ability to read and write a variety of file formats provides flexibility (and a broader range of learning opportunities!), but you don't want that.

Third party plugins provide support for additional special purpose features which means yet more flexibility in types of compositions that can be constructed, but you're opposed to them.

And you definitely definitely want to use a tracker because it forcibly removes a lot of the flexibility provided by more general purpose tools.

Reminder that instead of reading this, you could be learning how to use a tracker and writing a song. Like right now even.

BlueManedHawk src #5480

The variety of file formats does not give flexibility because they all do the same thing. Plugins give less flexibility than patching or forking the software. Therefore, your claims of contradiction are incorrect.

I do not seek to only make music that is chained to tradition; it is just a few ideas which happened to tumble out of my brain unwittingly chained to tradition against my desires, meaning that using a tracker, something that is also built under the chains of those traditions, is simply the most sensible option for those particular pieces.

quintopia src #5481

They do not all do the same thing.

Feel free to fork OpenMPT if you know anything about signal processing and audio algorithms. Using the plugins is a much easier path to that flexibility.

Are you making the music yet?

BlueManedHawk src #5482

They do not all do the same thing.

You're right: some of them do less and are therefore worse and not worth supporting.

With all this in mind, is what you recommended still the only correct option?

bruh2 src #5483

if theres something i dont like about impulse tracker is that the file extension (and the name itself if you abbreviate) can be mistaken with the pronoun it if you lack context.

thatguywithsoup (edited ) src #5484

if you still arent satisfied and like math a lot you might like byte beat

im just suggesting stuff

(yes, you have to put them like this: (t<<3)[8/9,1,9/8,6/5,4/3,3/2,0][[0xd2d2c8,0xce4088,0xca32c8,0x8e4009][t>>14&3]>>(0x3dbe4688>>((t>>10&15)>9?18:t>>10&15)3&7)*3&7 which is why you must be very into math. still, if done right it can sound very cool ;D)

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #5489

most trackers are probably equally "good", for most relevant definitions of "good".

your ability to make music using a given tracker is at this point more depedent on your familiarity with that particular tool, than it is on any intrinsic property of the tool itself.

therefore asking for "the only correct option" is nonsensical. there is no single uniquely most good option, only a set of options that are all equally good for you at this point

you should pick a tracker and get started (picking openmpt unless you have a strong reason not to).

serverman src #5490

if theres something i dont like about impulse tracker is that the file extension (and the name itself if you abbreviate) can be mistaken with the pronoun it if you lack context.

it might also get mistaken with tech support, too

thatguywithsoup src #5491

BlueManedHawk (edited ) src #5492

most trackers are probably equally "good", for most relevant definitions of "good".

Then it sounds like all but one of them should be killed off. After all, there should be one, and preferably only one, obvious way to do something, and a corollary of that is that if multiple possible options are all equally good then a single one ought to be picked and stuck with.

[Originally stated “​forcibly killed off”. —ED]

taswelll src #5493

you will never stick with one if you don't try using a single one

BlueManedHawk src #5494

I am not referring to “sticking with one” from an individual standpoint, but a societal standpoint. After all, individuals alone can accomplish nothing.

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #5495

different people's views of what is 'good' tend to differ. so your conclusion is incorrect

taswelll src #5496

well, “sticking with one” from the societal standpoint is certainly not happening any time soon. you better choose one for yourself, if you want to make music any time soon

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