Time-Reversal Victims' Meetup Group 2023 #509

quintopia src #5753

That's a perfect note on which to conclude our biennial meeting for 2023. The meeting location for 2021 will be posted last year in the usual place.

It was lovely seeing you all again! Be well.

caesar src #5754

destroy everything in existence.

quintopia src #5755

Caesar, I'll let you have the last word.

Tell us all what you would do if you didn't have the support of this group!

caesar src #5756

hey, can i have the last word? note that i will specifically answer the opposite of any conditions you include in your question if you ask one.

quintopia src #5757

And I think that's everyone's input on that discussion topic. Unless someone has something special to say in the way of wrapping things up?

citrons (bureaucrat) src #5758

I sadly can't attend; I'm stuck in a stable time loop.

quintopia src #5759

I'm sorry, we don't have any more speaker slots available last Halloween, but we'll gladly add you to the schedule for Summer Solstice Zoom Party. But you should still attend! I hear citrons is actually going to be there this time...

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