please reduce activity in which you talk to yourself protractedly #515

citrons (bureaucrat) (edited ) src #5916


P.S. there are many threads consisting of aimlessly posting gibberish, or screwing around with forum markup. there needn't be more.

P.P.S. forum-style posting typically takes the form of few, long posts. there is no reason to make many, short ones. if you have additional thoughts, you can edit them into your existing post (admittedly, I am guilty of not doing this).

BlueManedHawk src #5917

I wish it were more ingrained in the general human conciousness that randomness literally could not be less interesting.

Incoherent src #5918

true. i am going to put up billboards with xkcd 1210 on them. this will definitely affect the situation.

gollark src #5940

I'm working on an Automated Persuasion Network to improve people's wrong beliefs at scale.

janmusija (edited ) src #5941

Oooh, please share details. Does it involve brain-computer interfaces, or nanomachines?

unironically I do kind of wonder what the most practical way to convince nearly all people of something would be, like "what technology would be most feasible to research and implement in the shortest possible timespan"

gollark src #5942

The only viable-with-currently-available-technology way would be LLM astroturfing.

amby src #5943

brain-computer interfaces such as keyboards and video screens

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