I don't really agree with you about what many of the problems with minecraft are, how software should even be structured in general, or why people play video games at all. so, I don't think that we could agree on a direction or a design for such a thing, if I were to help.

I also aim to create a minecraftlike, and my design goals are for it to be very extensible and implement the mechanics I would like to see in a minecraftlike, as well as world generation that begets interesting and strange environments. I haven't, however, made very much progress at all on my own project, so regardless of the direction of your project, I probably wouldn't be of much help anyway.

my project doesn't aim to replace minecraft. I don't really think that goal makes sense, and I don't think such a goal would result in an actually good game. if you make a new game, it's a new game. a game which is different does not replace minecraft by definition. this is why people play different versions of minecraft. sometimes I want to play minecraft 1.8. sometimes I want to play the latest version of minecraft, or with mods, etc. sometimes I want to play minetest. you don't seem to comprehend that people want to play different kinds of games at different times, as when I pointed this out to you before, you called it "addiction to novelty".

it would be a different story if the goal was to attempt to reimplement minecraft as an open source piece of software, which would be venerable. there is already a project to do this, called mineclone, which is made in minetest. however, there are many deficiencies yet that prevent it from acting as a complete replacement for minecraft.