I play with software and videogames. Sometimes I write things.

— darylsun


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Hello! Sorry for the widget not working on my website: I initially didn't want to use iFrames, so I added only text links. But since I added johnvertisements, that point is moot now.

Anyway, I have added the iFrame widget to my website, so hopefully I don't break the webring anymore.

(Though I have to ask, my name on the GEORGE website links to my GEORGE page and not to the homepage of my website. Will that affect anything?)

EDIT 1: My actual homepage is https://blog.darylsun.page/.

EDIT 2: I added the webring widget to my GEORGE page as well, just in case.

darylsun #4602

This is a late reply, but thank you for accepting me into the webring!

darylsun #4265

Thank you very much!

Here is my offering for GEORGE:


darylsun #4257

I humbly request to join the webring of GEORGE.

  • I wish to join as darylsun
  • My preferred colors would be #bd93f9
  • The website I wish to be added to GEORGE is https://blog.darylsun.page/
  • You may contact me via email at hello at darylsun dot page