I like coffee and GEORGE

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Good things come to those who wait!

Thank you GEORGE for having me, the navigation has been incorporated.

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Many thanks, gollark! Just updated with a color.

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Greetings GEORGE

I finally created my homepage (https://m15o.ichi.city/)

Looking to show my devotion to GEORGE on it.

Might I apply?


EDIT: color #008080 if possible

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is it the future yet?

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I remember seeing GEORGE on a page. I got curious and clicked the link to arrive on GEORGE's page. Then I realized that this page was too good to be true so I read it. Arrived at the bottom and saw an advertisement. That was the last thing I would have expected to see on GEORGE's page, so I clicked. Then realized that the advertisement was in fact a johnvertisement, and the whole thing clicked and the universe was harmonious again.

Nice to meet you gollark and ubq323!

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johnvertisements gave me a glimps of what the future looks like!

m15o #637

hard to choose, so I'd rather poll

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Greetings apioforumers, I'm not quite sure how I got to find this place but here I am, and I'm really glad I did. I guess this message can be a little of an introduction, even though intros tend to be a little boring!

I think it started when I saw a strange looking ad. A banner actually. And somehow I clicked it -- which is strange, I never click those. And found myself in an even stranger place. A place full of lemon! That's where I found GEORGE and wow, that page looks glorious.

I appreciate the brutalism/aesthetics/weirdness in creating. I've worked on a few projects, including one that looks a little like this forum actually! It's called the Midnight Pub (https://midnight.pub) and it's a virtual pub. The way to write a message is really similar to here.

Anyway, y'all seems like great people to be around, so wanted to say hello. :)

EDIT: I realize I haven't put a link to my homepage -- https://miso.town