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when you let me make a skyscraper:

floor 429 has an extremely long queue.
floor 504s door closes on your face everytime you try to enter.
floor 451 is a giant burning book with a thermometer that only displays in farenheit degrees.
people in the skyscraper are banned from visiting floor 403. doing so will result in your isp blocking you.
floor 200 was successfully loaded.
floor 418 is full of teapots.
floor 503 is a server thats currently down.
the computer in floor 500 is currently having a kernel panic.
its bad to request access to floor 400.
floor 404 cant be found.
the door in floor 502 doesnt work.

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and of course floor 410 once existed, but it was soon gone.

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and OF COURSE i had to make a dumb pop culture reference.

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you say that because of floor 451 in farenheit?

if you like farenheit 451 just say it

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yes, i like that book ;)

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it is indeed a good book

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why was dos angry

uno got first in the race

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arghhh so bad

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i pronounce perseids as "per-sides". plz dont laugh at me for bad pronounciation

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perfectly normal pronunciation.

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this post never existed.
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this post never existed.
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why not

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my neighbors music be like:

  • how about some hard shtuff
  • core groovy
  • hobby
  • electronics
  • sanchez i think
  • ???
  • cowbell
  • moar cowbell
  • neeeeeeeeeee
  • tomtom?
  • bassline ripped from one of my own c64-zak

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