things that apioforum can't do yet that it needs to do for conic nomic 2.5 to exist #129

ubq323 (bureaucrat) (edited ) src #811

there are already threads and forums filled with things apioforum cannot do yet, so this one will not hurt anything

this thread shall stand as a testament to my lack of motivation unless and until i ever implement these things

  • web hooks
  • filter by tag
  • manage tags in forum
  • close polls
  • view voters on polls
  • wiki
  • search permissions not bees (we do not actually need this but it is still annoying)
ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #966

(100 days later) we have webhooks now, vaguely

citrons (bureaucrat) src #970

wait, what the fuck. it's been 100 days?

citrons (bureaucrat) src #1716

you can cross the last one off now

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