dark mode [WIP] #171

arcade src #1142

hai all! i personally love dark mode, so i forked apioforum and made a dark mode patch. using these variables could also help with user themes. the code is here

citrons (bureaucrat) src #1145

I see. I do prefer light text on a dark background as opposed to the opposite and design my websites this way.

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #1146

this looks cool. the only criticism i have is that the colour of links is too dark in dark theme (especially already visited links), but i am not sure what colour it would be good to change them to instead. if this is fixed i would be happy to merge these changes though.

arcade (edited ) src #1202

will look into!

arcade src #1205

andddd tada, those better?

arcade src #1532

okie dokie, the link issue is fixed!

arcade src #2741


blitceed src #3395


arcade src #3624


arcade src #3649

OK SO. Code has been updated to the latest version, patch is sent to ubq323, and here is the patch for anyone who wants to test it out: https://paste.sr.ht/~arcade/f854d9d84b0ac4d4b9c90b75643f556982d2e21c

arcade src #3657

uh oh this is buggy

arcade src #3662


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