vurl thread #221

viba src #1947
print "this is vurl, viba's useless rudimentary language."

print "how many bees would you like?"
set n (input)
set i 1
while (lte [i] [n])
    print "bee"
    set i (add [i] 1)
print (join "generation of " (join [n] " bees complete."))
Jmzd8 src #1948

does it also use a weird interpreter

viba src #1951

it is an interpreter, and because I am the one who wrote it, it is almost certainly weird.

Jmzd8 src #1954

yoooo does it use regex

viba src #1955

it does not. it is written in Lua, which uses its own thing instead of regex

Jmzd8 src #1956

send me the code i wanna see if i can make jBasher better

viba src #1959

vurl source code is now available, or something

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