eradication request #262

heavoid (proselyte) src #2395

i believe that certain cryoapioforms rotating within liquid boron can be considered to have violated principle 14. perhaps said cryoapioforms ought to have never existed.

liminalitygradient src #3991

I believe this is a terrible idea, as said cryoapioforms have been measured in a study (published in may ʍth of the year ;jµ≤ęvop in the Anticobalt-54m Permuonic Propionate Journal of Metaapplied Apiology) to have a Gvunf Reality Factor of between -7.4 and -8.000000000000143, excluding precisely -7.73, meaning they have less than never existed during the span of time/metatime accessible to current chronoapiometric/metachronoapiometric technology, and as attempting to call them back into existence (to bring about the state of affairs of them never having existed, i.e. having a GRF of exactly 0) obviously counteracts our very purpose, you should have, but of course will have not (because that would be needfully cruel, and only needless cruelty is warranted in this scenario), been thrown in the nearest singularity cleaning vat effective 4.3721011 Planck times prior to your post time. Unless I misread the guideline on that...


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