does 0 exist?? #385

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I saw a young sheldon clip from scrolling through yt shorts (yeah i get that bored sometimes) and it talks about 0 not being a real number. I mean, it has to, right? if the equation 1-1 exists, then 0 has to exist right????

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0 is a lie made up by Big Number to sell more digits. "ah yes, i will eat 0 apples today" <--- statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged.

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i mean "ah yes, i will eat 0 people today" makes sense though

unless you're a psychopath

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what? no sane person would eat 0 people.

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huh? are you saying you eat people? question mark

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trimill please tell me you dont eat people

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i don't eat "people".

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what do you mean by ""people""

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""people"" are whatever i don't eat, apparently.

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good, good

anyways back on (sort-of) topic

0 is a lie made up by Big Number to sell more digits.

yay I can't wait to buy digits

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oh no, they've got to you too.

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wait how much do the digits cost

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each digit costs $5/month, but if you purchase a pack of 10 it's only $40/month.

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thats a goddamn scam i might as well get the digits from the lesser known company Small Number that i totally did not just make up

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$2/digit, with code 'madefl' you can get 50% off your next 10 digits

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ah, but you see, Small Number digits aren't compatible with the proprietary Big Number ecosystem. also, you'll need to buy Big Number products to complete university classes, and for some reason this isn't included in your tuition.

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Small Number is a lie invented by 0 proponents in order to push their agenda that numbers don't need to be big to matter

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why wouldn't they be? Small Number uses the recently-discovered HEX digits unlike Big Number that uses Base 10 (ew disgusting) which makes Small Number leagues more superior

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Sinthorion i will kindly ask you to SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this message was sponsored by Small Number) (/lh)

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Request denied. (Big Number pays me better)

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average Big Number shill.

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Well Small Number has greater money back guarantee if you don't like the digits they sent you, 130% of what you paid for (although you do have to send in a request to return it) and if you use code 'madefl' at checkout at smallnumber dot com you can get 50% off your next 10 orders at checkout

totally not being held at gunpoint to say this (help

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wait, what about Medium Number? do they exist?

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I would like to order one million (1,000,000, yes, I got the 40$/month subscription for this) digits I won't like then. Please also send me one million (1,000,000) return request forms.

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I think the Small Number return request forms are very complicated. they know every little thing about you and can tell if you're lying

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wait, what about Medium Number? do they exist?

turns out they do and they produce half numbers. and apparently pies?

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