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Is there a way to process johnvertisements on the server-side (e.g. PHP) without sending an extra HTTP request? I am an optimization maniac,

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you can probably ask citrons for a place to download all johnverts from. Then getting it done server side is just a single http request a week

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Thanks a lot! :3

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hello. there are reasons that johnvertising uses an iframe­— for instance, scorecounting and general ominousness via the nonspecificity of the set of all johnvertisements. additionally, additions and even alterations to existing johnvertisements occur frequently.

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scorecounting can be implemented, I don't see the issue

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in any case, how would processing johnvertisements on the server-side reduce the number of required http requests? the browser is going to have to request that image regardless of where it's requesting that image from.

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