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the sniper from team fortress 2, from the perspective of a medic main

you can't defend

you can't hide, not for too long

you have to keep moving, and you have to move erratically

you might get a couple seconds in their line of sight

if you use the vacc (which can give you bullet resistance every so often), a demoknight might charge through your team and one-shot you with a melee crit just because they saw you with it (since the vacc can be considered annoying to play against, but does not protect against melee damage)

sniper is an ever-present threat, even in areas you think you're safe, like inside the spawn building

no one can outsmart bullet

most of tf2 is fun even when you're losing, but this is why i don't really play tf2 anymore.

i want to see what's going on because knowing what's going on is fun, but i need to stay behind cover. even if i stay behind cover most of the time, i need to step into a sightline at some point, and then poof. it's impossible to play against a fast/accurate sniper.

if i get killed by any other class, i feel like it was my fault in some way. you can duck. you can damage-surf. you can watch the flank routes. you have a saw and a crossbow, if you're feeling spicy. but sniper? you can't react. while strategies exist to reduce risk, it's just an inevitability.

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idk what kind of insane sniper mains you're playing against cause i tend to stumble upon sniperbros who can't shoot a target standing still

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medic isn't good to choose in casual anyway. Better in uncletopia where you have people actively torturing sniper mains to make sure it feels fair. most good maps have funny sneaky ways to pick em off, especially the more mobile loadouts

munvoseli src #4317

i suppose that most of what i play is casual

i don't die immediately every time, i exaggerated that. it just happens often enough that i don't feel like i get to interact with the game

on uncletopia, i do notice less snipers, but those that do exist also give the feeling that i don't get to interact with the game

maybe i should try those more mobile loadouts if i get back into tf2. i don't think it feels this way when i'm not playing medic

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medic is only fun in casual when you can pocket someone who's half decent and even then it can still be shit. the best situation to play medic is in a voice call with someone (or several someones) who's actually decent at tf2

munvoseli src #4322

consider: use quick-fix on trolldier/roamer, ubersaw the enemy team once, and die

also: would u like to play tf2? (my decency is questionable)

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