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Here is another game for you. In this thread, we will think of movies that have some part of their titles in common, then describe what a combination of those movies would be as a clue. Then someone else must guess the correct portmanteau title of the mashed up movie. Upon doing so, they can then pose their own puzzle.

For example, if the clue were:

Timothy Dalton goes rogue on a mission of revenge after his best friend's wife is strangled by an abusive farmer. A beautiful CIA agent flies him to the American South where, disguised as a lawyer, he must use his intellect, training, and all of Q's gadgets to force those southern racists to, in the name of God, believe Tom Robinson.

then the correct response would, of course, be A License To Kill A Mockingbird.

The portmanteau does not have to be perfect as long as there is some overlap. For instance, it's fine to describe Dirty Dancing With Wolves or Clash of the Titanic.

However, one title should not be a subsequence of the other as it doesn't prove you got both parts of the clue when the correct response is just exactly the name of one of the movies. E.g. Don't mash up Your Name with Call Me By Your Name.

Okay, here's the first clue: In this heartwarming action comedy, former prizefighter Hugh Jackman's diabetic wife Julia Roberts loses a kidney as a result of complications from the birth of their son. He spends all their money on dialysis and a new kidney transplant, but she later dies from complications of that procedure anyway. Unable to raise money from boxing now that giant robot fights are all the rage, he struggles for a while and is about to give up his son to relatives. However, after his son discovers a ragged old fighting robot that can shadow his moves, they go on the road to raise money through robot fighting tournaments.

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correct. your turn!

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spock goes into a volcano because he saw a cool spider. however, spock gets stuck. kirk goes in the volcano to save spock. at this time, kirk was too busy getting gay backrubs from spock to notice that a spider was biting him. they safely leave.

the rest is irrelevant to the clue

later that day, the gravity aboard the enterprise malfunctions. most members of the crew start to float around, but kirk does not. he is concerned, but a graviton scan does not find anomalies. the gravity is fixed.

that night, spock notices a bite on kirk, and advises kirk to go to doctor mccoy.

(i think i will continue this)

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you know what, it could be either

i was not brainthing

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that's reasonable. i'm trying to think of another one but i might take a bit

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