nya :3 #472

which one is better

  1. polsih: 5 votes
  2. rusain: 0 votes
polsih: 5 poll: which one is better option "polsih": 5 votes option "rusain": 0 votes total votes: 5
mkukiro src #4436

im gonna live in this thread for the rest of my life im making sata andagi

big brother (bureaucrat) #4437
this post never existed.
NikiTricky src #4438

this post has a nonzero chance of existing

mkukiro (edited ) src #4439

oh hello nikitricky from the HIGHLY explosive t1 server :3

caesar src #4440
<progress value="0" max="100">m</progress>

someone making a progress bar?

mkukiro src #4441

mm sadge you cant make one on apioforii

mkukiro src #4443

sometimes i wonder if i exist or im just a debugging critter for a game

motan src #4444

i'd love to be a debugging critter for a game

mkukiro src #4445

real real especially in mother 3

motan src #4446

i'd love to be a critter in general tbh. a little creature

mkukiro src #4447


NikiTricky src #4448

so true. i wish i existed, probably

motan src #4449


mkukiro src #4452

idk if polash or ruswasin is beter because they're both the best languages on earht but u ertmerm wmr ewmr werm mr wm 3:

NikiTricky src #4454

polska :3

motan src #4455

i am biased towards polish on account of being polish

ultlang src #4456

bee beebee bee bees (bee apio bees), bee apiobee apioform bee

NikiTricky src #4457

i am biased towards polish on account of learning russian

mkukiro src #4465

яблоко and jabłko look both cool af

mkukiro src #4466

Ł and Ż <3 й and и <3

motan src #4469

то єст польсъкі пісани цириліца̨. цо о тим са̨діш

mkukiro src #4481

ух это украинский?

NikiTricky src #4482

България въсщност създава кирилицата

taswelll (edited ) src #4483


NikiTricky src #4484


mkukiro src #4485

пчелы :3

mkukiro src #4499

моя любимый еда, радий <3

mkukiro (edited ) src #4501

man i love forums, i wish forums were still as popular as in the 90s-e2000s, the nostalgic ui, the retro icons, html, the "emoticons" :(

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