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citrons (bureaucrat) (edited ) src #582

many people have said that they have lost their passwords. if we stored email addresses, we could have a "forgot password" thing.

it is also currently quite easy to make many many accounts and spam things.

we could also have email notifications. this first requires the implementation of notifications in general.

it probably would not be hard to make python log in to an email server and send emails. I have a server for such purposes.


  • optional for apioforum instances
  • perhaps require email verification for certain actions (but only for new accounts)
  • rate limit the fuck out of anything that sends emails
  • put an "unsubscribe" link at the end of every email. allow the recipient to use this link to be placed on a list of emails to not be emailed under any circumstances.

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BlueManedHawk src #2906

Y'all could put the unsubscribe link right at the top in big text to parody sites that make unsubscribing from mailing lists a labyrinthine quest of sorrow.

blitceed src #3394

i would like this

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