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Bmh is known for occasionally doing that (making up his own definition)

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What points do you think i've ignored?

The point about being able to install arbitrary numbers of mods for starters. I feel like I should take it you don't have a response to it at this point .

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How else am I supposed to respond to "you're acting like a capitalist" we've explained to you numerous times why a plugin API is better than just forking it. And you've ignored us every time.

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Again, a modification api allows the user to pick and choose which mods to use rather than being able to only use one at a time. It gives the user choose, which is a Good Thing™

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The code is blocking certain attributes

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Wait is apioforum vulnerable to XSS? Mods do you mind if I test in a separate thread?

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Building on what taswelll said, it's better to have too many choices than too few.

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I mean, it's pretty simple: people need to be happy in order to be productive.

Well yes but they can't be productive if they're playing games.

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That sounds like exactly what i'm referring to: unification of things within a niche.

I... what... How do 10 very different mods all fill the same niche?

That's not how i think of it. I would say the the usefulness of video games is that they're entertaining.

Please try to convince literally any school of that.

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What problems does it create? (You probably already said it but it would be nice to have it all in one place)

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Exactly. You can only have one fork active at the same time, and gku are locked into what said fork provides.

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I know it can be difficult sometimes. But i don't think it's anywhere close to impossible.

Bmh, I work in a large group of people trying to accomplish one goal over the winter. Just about every year half of the team disagrees on the way it's going and the other half thinks the first half's idea awful. Yes, it is nearly impossible if not outright impossible

That kind of unification of competition within a niche is exactly the type of thing that i was supporting in my original message.

That's not at all what I was referring to. Many modpacks combine many trivially related mods. It's not as fun to play with 10 mods that all overhaul, say, caves, than 10 mods that each do different things.

I don't like the mentality that video games are somehow special pieces of software.

I'd argue that they are, like you said, they're meant to entertain, not be useful. If doing things differently than other softwares makes them be more entertaining, then so be it.

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That's a rather pessimistic claim.

Have you... ever tried to get a large group of people to agree on something? It's nearly impossible.

at would seem to indicate that those forks are competing within the same niche and ought to be unified.

Not at all true, it's often fun to run many mods at once. In fact, people make modpacks to make doing exactly that much easier.

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Software that is well-maintained should make its decisions based upon the consensus of the users.

That's a great idea but there will always be people who are unhappy no matter how you do it.

would be perfect for a fork.

What if you wanna run multiple of such forks together?

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What happens if the developers don't like the mod? Also then how would players pick and choose which mods to use?

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Why not instead tweak and change the original game so as to allow for those emergent properties?

So... make a mod for the game? That seems to be exactly what you described.