the GEORGE webring application of internet and "real life" user fragmentSagisces #199

fragmentSagisces (edited ) src #1587

i have decided to. perhaps i shall fail but i believe it is worth a try. here are the required details:

name: fragment

colour: #aa00ff

webpage: (if you do the root domain instead of /home then it will redirect to /home anyways, wasting a few milliseconds of temporal distance)

discord username and tag: fragmentSagisces#9651

here's hoping.

big brother (bureaucrat) #1751
this post never existed.
citrons (bureaucrat) src #1877

ubq would like you to wrap your website in a <pre> and supplement it with <figcaption>s. I'm not sure what she intends you to do with <figcaption>s, exactly, but the first thing should be easy to do.

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #1970

congratulations, you have been enGEORGEd! please add this to your website:

<iframe height="50" src="" style="border:none;width:100%"></iframe>

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