Am I an official GTech™ spokesentity?

  1. Yes: 0 votes
  2. No: 2 votes
  3. [REDACTED]: 0 votes
No: 2 poll: Am I an official GTech™ spokesentity? option "Yes": 0 votes option "No": 2 votes option "[REDACTED]": 0 votes total votes: 2
  GEORGE application
BlackDragon src #2308

I am an official GTech™ spokesentity. I wanna apply for GEORGE.

gollark src #2309

This is not a remotely valid application and you're not. Please stop randomly trying to copy half of the random things I do for no good reason.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #2319

do you know this person, gollark

gollark src #2320

Yes. They are on a Minecraft server I am on.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #2357

how minecraftian.

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