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okay. i will make the relevant threads.

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hi. does anyone want to play

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create a thread containing the names of the 2 players

both opponents generate a 10-codepoint random string somehow. it should be securely-ish generated.

their move (rock, paper or scissors) should be appended, with a space between

example: 0123456789 rock

they take the sha256 hash of this string. they both post this.

once this has happened, they post their original strings. these must be verified to have the correct hash. once this has happened, the score is posted and the game continues, probably forever.

update the title with the score

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it's actually 1985 as of 1985.

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for purposes, of course.

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🪨 is the rock emoji, and rock beats scissors. z is sharp, and thus logically scissors.

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s destroys Ŝ as it is smaller and thus can replicate using less space and is more efficient.

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HTech has been developing bird intelligence clusters as per the [HG]Tech bird hivemind program.

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can i own a HSubforum? for purposes only.

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apioform incursions

  • bees exist in various apiospaces

they certainly do

  • autoindentation isn't a thing and the tab key won't work in the editoid
  • contemplate bees
  • contemplate beeoids apioforms apiary bee apioform
  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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marquee pulsate

marquee marquee marquee marquee marquee marquee

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it does count as an animation... and?

how about colo(u)r tags, like , , , , etc

perhaps allow background colours also, for purposes?

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CSS will allow you to apply styling to tags that do not usually exist, like so:

blue {color:blue}

so, what if you added some cool ones, like colours and perhaps an animation (for purposes only) to exist?

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i actually liked the compact one also. there's too much space now

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i think all is to be reset as soon as subforums exist, because then things would be less spammy due to categorization

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you definitely needed to know this.

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how non-hazardous!

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apioforms are known to exist.

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really? even if i do the markdown, it translates wrongly into html? beeee.

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ugh, images HOW?!

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i am requesting the Apiology tag. yellow