apioforum redesign [redesign deployed] #28

citrons (bureaucrat) src #191

rust src #192

i approve of this apioforumicity.

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #194

A spectre is haunting Europe - the

rust (edited ) src #196

actually, i have noticed a lack of "post id numbers" in this redesign. i do wish to continue to have those

edit: oh. those aren't on the shown page right now either. i am a fool

ultlang src #209

would the latest post's user profile be "click able" there?

citrons (bureaucrat) (edited ) src #210

would the latest post's user profile be "click able" there?

it would indeed! the post content is also clickable and links to the post.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #211

I made a minor change. the username now displays correctly. its previous appearance was a bug that I did not notice

a src #214


ultlang src #216

ah, that's great, citrons! i definitely support this redesign then. c:

citrons (bureaucrat) src #220

the redesign has been deployed.

& src #222

this is a good redesign

citrons (bureaucrat) src #227

thanks everyone

Wyub src #238

unpopular opinion: i liked it when it was more compact

& (edited ) src #239

I find it still pretty compact, to the point where I lowkey wish it took more space of my PC screen, but that is just me

citrons (bureaucrat) src #240

I suppose I have found a compromise then, haha

heavoid src #242

i actually liked the compact one also. there's too much space now

rust src #254

solution: press Ctrl-Plus a few times

citrons (bureaucrat) src #255

wouldn't it be ctrl+minus?

heavoid src #1787

i stand by me [251 days ago].

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