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i was joking

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i mean... it was like 6 months where i wasnt really active on reddit and its not like i couldnt use reddit, i could at any point, i just didnt bc i didnt want to

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arcade: no u

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simply just do if (post_title == query) { add_to_list (); } smh

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arguably, i was happier when i used reddit. however when i started using discord and irc (and, stopping using reddit because i can only really use one at a time because adhd) thats when my mental health went aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa but i think thats probably for unrelated reasons. however, after i quit discord/irc and went back to reddit because boredom and i feel a lot better for some reason that i cannot explain

its odd because youd think being surrounded by a good community (as i was on discord/irc) is good for your mental health, or at least better than a bad community (reddit) but i dont know how or why but its the opposite for me

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barney the dinosaur

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4 four

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shrine backwards is enirhs

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blow 😳

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hmm yes

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awwww <3

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so have i

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am i aiding in the testing of a webhook

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thats so gay

which is great

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id like to try to reapply to GEORGE

i have improved my site a lot and added more content, and i think i'm more prepared now.

i'd like to join as kit, with color #ab73ab, and link of

discord username is... somewhat irrelevant


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⸻ my beloved

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and again

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gollark what was the command to do the socket thing to let you know that abr is fucky again

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i like the one with the funny colors