ABR disconnected from IRC #124

kit src #797

ABR is disconnected from IRC or something, whatever it is it's making the bridge not work.

Gollark — i cannot use email because my parents have control over my email address and if i were to make another one they may be alerted of that bc they can see anything i open. Sorry about that

citrons (bureaucrat) src #800

I will investigate/inform gollark

gollark src #804

I told you you should have used the very practical socketoidal backup. Maybe I need a DNS to my event feed bridge.

kit src #805

oh yeah that, sorry i forgot that that existed

kit src #875

gollark what was the command to do the socket thing to let you know that abr is fucky again

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #882

is abr fucky again?

kit src #885


kit src #891

and again

gollark src #892

This is not a good way to contact me.

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #893

webhooks will exist soon:tm: (sorry)

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