GEORGE Application #237

Gray src #2144


I am Gray.

I would like to be some shade of Gray/Grey, somewhere between #000000 and #ffffff.

Discord: Gray#6297

hail GEORGE!

gollark src #2146

Your application has been forwarded to the Council. Processing is anticipated to be completed in between 3μs and 10³² teraseconds.

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #2322

You have been enGEORGEd! Please add this to your website:

<iframe height="50" src="" style="border:none;width:100%"></iframe>
Gray src #2323

Many thanks, but in the last month I have reconsidered how GEORGE I feel at heart. Alas, I relinquish my GEORGIAN status and request to be removed from the George Webring.

kit src #2326

ooh ooh can i take their spot

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