harrow the ninth review #458

munvoseli src #4364

reading it was like solving a puzzle and it fits together so cleanly (i still have questions about some things though)

note-taking recommended, but (most of) the story is explained eventually

munvoseli src #4365

the first book in the series was also a mystery but not as mysterious

citrons (bureaucrat) src #4366

I ought to read these books.

gollark src #4372

I think they're in my nonurgent queue, and thus will be gotten round to by about 2035, assuming such a year exists.

munvoseli src #4373

just finished nona the ninth

it's not entirely clear, but i think that bmVwdHVuZSBpcyBmdWxsIG9mIGJlZXMK since dmFydW4gLT4gdmFydW5hIC0+IG5lcHR1bmUK

this does not contradict Wiki Encyclopedia canon

munvoseli (edited ) src #4374


munvoseli src #4375

or whatever

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #4376

really true

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