your shit is wreaked

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there should be a B account and then a C account and then a 🐝 account

this is the rule established by sir Barack "the prez" Obama

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i seem to be being unposted

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your mum

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truly a win for the horse community.

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skyrim book report, more like horse book report.

i wrote a book on horses once, well more or less edited it but my story was vastly superiour, with grit and angst.

god i love horses.

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to 🐝 or not to 🐝

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banning isnt real

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why dont you go wife some bitches. stop bein a sort of snitches. i bet ur hair itches.

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there is, but only for me.

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i touch ur mum.

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you dont get awnsers, fool

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you should all touch grass.

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this is balls.

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i am going to send a message here, such that people remember the zzcxz. wow, it's been 23 days?

apologies but i will do no such thing

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haha, no.

you fool, you complete buffon, 23 is not a natural number.

"ah yes i have 23 hens" statements made up by the utterly derranged.

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wrong, no loss of lemons can be considered a waste.

oranges on the other hand, they are a good colour.

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centrist moment

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and bitches dont like you.

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get rid of them, i dont happen to like lemonade

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i hate words

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(Beez Nuts)

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whats B

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this is bad