my server currently has 0 (zero) traffic #187

kit src #1339

i have turned it off, should i keep it off to save ElecTricIty?

arcade src #1341

poor Elec Tric Ity, they're always in need of saving 😔

kit src #1610

update: kitserv is back up and i am going to do something with it i think but i do not know what

kit src #1611

hmm what shall i do

amby src #1613


gollark src #1615

You should make and then host Minoteaur.

kit src #1616

gollark remember last time i tried to run minoteaur

gollark src #1617

I said that you should make it. Make a more efficient version.

kit src #1618

amby: another one?

gollark src #1620

You have a website. They suggested a wobsite.

kit src #1621

gollark: but i do not know nim

kit src #1622

gollark: i have a wobsite too

gollark src #1623

If you made Minoteaur you could use the tools of your choice. Besides, 8 is in Rust anyway.

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #1624

perhaps apiowiki is to become extant at some point. hm

gollark src #1625

Is Apiowiki wiki software or just a wiki relating to apios?

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #1626

apioforum is going to develop wiki functionality at some point. i think. i haven't decided if it should just be a part of apioforum or if it should be a separate thing or what.

the reason for this is that conic nomic will (yes i am still planning to do that eventually) will need a wiki to keep track of stuff, and it would be convenient to have some wiki that has the same markup language as apioforum. integrating directly with apioforum would be a bonus ofc.

gollark src #1627

I see. The easiest way would be to just make posts which are publicly editable/editable by some group, like "community wikis" on stackoverflow.

kit src #1628

gollark: where can i get minoteaur 8 source code

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #1629

hmm thats a good point actually. and then they could be stickied. hm yes i will think about this.

gollark src #1630

Minoteaur 8 is not public because I continuously edit it in particularly backward-incompatible ways and the code is bad. "Make Minoteaur" refers to either improving an existing version or entirely writing it from scratch in a way consistent with my poorly defined and incoherent desires.

kit src #1631


gollark src #1643


timaeusTestified src #1708

everyone that goes to your sever gets zero(0) bitches.

ultlang src #1711


timaeusTestified src #1712

i am correct. They get repelled by your lack of dubious ryhmes, Perchance.

kit src #1752

good, i dont like bitches anyway

timaeusTestified src #1757

and bitches dont like you.

kit src #1758

im ok with that

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