why does apioforum use first past the post voting #196

amby src #1491

this almost makes me angry enough to learn git so i can fix it myself

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #1499

because that is the simplest voting system and i had enough "trauma" from writing a voting website app years ago that i somehow didn't consider supporting multiple voting systems. in retrospect this was not a very good idea and it probably needs a bit of work.

honestly the apioforum voting system has always been slightly half baked. there's still no way to close polls, or any way to see who is voting for which options in one place.

contributions are always welcome of course. if you want to learn git i would recommend the official git book, which you can read for free on their website.

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #1500

YES i got the markdown link syntax the right way round for once

kit src #1501

ubq can i add an api similar to kitforum's api but instead call it the APIoforum

kit src #1502

(i may or may not actually do this)

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #1503

an api would definitely be nice to have, if you're thinking about making one

arcade src #1504

oh my god i love voting and writing software im gonna try and work on this

Jmzd8 src #1507

YES i got the markdown link syntax the right way round for once

1500th post woah

arcade src #1508


big brother (bureaucrat) #1509
this post never existed.
kit src #1527

aha i have made a github mirror of apioforum

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #1528


kit src #1529

now i need to figure out how to update it... i thought i could use github actions to update it but idk

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #1530

update what

kit src #1531

the mirror

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #1534

i am not sure if it's possible to get github to automatically pull changes in from an external repo; i would imagine it isn't

kit src #1543

i can use CI and webhooks, where on a push to g.gh0.pw your server sends a ping to some place on github and that triggers a CI to pull the changes and stuff

ubq323 (bureaucrat) (edited ) src #1556

i don't plan on adding hooks to my server to interface with external services (especially proprietary services) unless there is a particularly compelling reason to

what's your reason for wanting your github mirror to always be up to date? can't you just do git pull and then git push on your local machine when you need the github mirror to be updated? (or indeed set up something to do that periodically)

kit src #1558

its okay i was just saying how itd be possible, id probably just do manual updating or like update every X days or smth

arcade src #1560

I think you can run a gh action on a timer

arcade src #1561

I think you can run a gh action on a timer

citrons (bureaucrat) src #1593

cron on your own system

arcade src #1646

that too

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