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gollark #711

8 beats 5 by a factor of 1.6.

gollark #640

You need johnvertisements for that? We just operate closed timelike curves.

gollark #624

We do not, at present, permit HTML in titles. This is for your own safety. Do NOT look the turtle in the eyes.

gollark #578

To be a proper wiki it should also have wikilinks. This may slightly become an ad-hoc implementation of half of Minoteaur.

gollark #566

Necroposting is an establishment lie, actually.

gollark #525

This is fairly nice, I think.

gollark #456

🌟 incinerates 〗in 2*10^30 kg of superheated fusion plasma.

gollark #452

⪬ stabs Ѭ, as it is fairly pointy. None are safe.

gollark #416

It has been determined that you are to choose a number from the available numbers.

gollark #415

We've been doing exciting work with bird hiveminds.

gollark #414

I don't particularly like this. The fact that there are polling interfaces at the top and bottom for different things troubles me.

gollark #413

How advanced! Maybe they should be themed etc™.

gollark #334

Deterministic interesting topics are also possible.

gollark #333

We could create discussion threads for random interesting topics and also "games" such as "increment the number" confined to threads.

gollark #266

Use it how? We need our domains to be accessible via the true interweb™ mostly.

gollark #247

How is this value attained?

gollark #246

Classes would arguably be more sensible than actual elements for this.

gollark #161

Obviously it is """""""""sanitized"", as we are very security much.

gollark #160

Me too! This is good and not bad.

gollark #138

Beware apioforms at this URL.

gollark (edited ) #135

In celebration of this, here is something which is not a cognitohazard.

gollark #93

Apioforum development continues. When development has occurred, it may undergo utilization.

gollark #89

Do NOT do bad things. Instead, do good or neutral things.

gollark #60

IPv6 is to be considered good, and thus all are to support it, on pain of not supporting it.

gollark #53

Somewhat with warning, it says "(edited)" if you edit.

gollark #50

We now also have search; thusly, none are safe. I will probably do RSS soon.

gollark #49

Excellent! This consideration is vital for many GTech™ plans.

gollark #28

This compound exists. Consider it.