allowation of a few other HTML tags #33

heavoid (edited ) src #243

CSS will allow you to apply styling to tags that do not usually exist, like so:

blue {color:blue}

so, what if you added some cool ones, like colours and perhaps an animation (for purposes only) to exist?

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #244

this could occur. what tags would you like to see specifically? what kinds of animations?

and doesn't this count as an animation anyway

heavoid src #245

it does count as an animation... and?

how about colo(u)r tags, like , , , , etc

perhaps allow background colours also, for purposes?

gollark src #246

Classes would arguably be more sensible than actual elements for this.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #257

classes would be less convenient.

ubq323 (bureaucrat) (edited ) src #272

colour tags are now supported. all css colours are available, for foreground and background.

use <colour> for foreground colours. use<markcolour> for background colours.


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ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #274

<pulsate> is also available for purposes.

rust src #275

<iframe> when

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #276

probably never. maybe we could special-case johnvertisements though

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Wyub src #278

isn't text so fun!

sussybaka src #283

<details> when

citrons (bureaucrat) src #287

ah, that is a good one. also, I think we should allow all tags listed here.

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #290

<details> and <summary> have been enabled. you can use the html tags themselves, or use this markdown syntax

??? "summary goes here"
    indented stuff here will be in the details thing

    - you can
    - do formatting
    - in here too

will produce

summary goes here

indented stuff here will be in the details thing

  • you can
  • do formatting
  • in here too

<sup> and <sub> have been enabled. currently there is no markdown syntax for these, give me a few moments

tables have
also been
enabled (using the regular markdown syntax for them
though you can use the html tags too if you want
citrons (bureaucrat) src #291

what about

ubq323 (bureaucrat) (edited ) src #292

update: you can now do ~subscript~ and ^superscript^

you need to escape spaces within the sub- or superscript with backslashes though

sup sub

ubq323 (bureaucrat) (edited ) src #293

updatey update: <hr> is now available. you can put three *s or _s on a line of their own to deploy one.


the the the 
bees apioform


the the the

bees apioform

sussybaka (edited ) src #294

<center> when

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ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #298

another update (since this is a site updates thread now apparently): there is a "view post source" button on every post now.

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elemenopi (edited ) src #320


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html marque information

The marquee element is a presentational element that animates content

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elemenopi src #326

so true

catdotjs src #504


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