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this post never existed.
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this post never existed.
munvoseli src #4182

i wonder if it would be an idea to make super mario maker/lunar magic but apioforms.

it would have the ffbm-like quality of user-created code and user-created content.

mechanical interactions would be more limited than ffbm code-wise but not gameplay-wise, leading to code readability and debuggability.

additionally, i think it would be easier to make (in some ways, prob harder in others) than what i wanted for apiforma arcana

BlueManedHawk src #4183

I would be interested in such a thing.

heavoid src #4184


citrons (bureaucrat) src #4217

optimal idea.

munvoseli src #4218

it is proving difficult to reduce coupling. even with this idea, there are still so many interactions that potential mechanics can have, and i find that i have a hard time not worrying about potential v0tpona.

like, shells in mario. if they run into a goomba, shell goes on, goomba dies. if they run into a wall, they turn around. what happens if a shell runs into a dream block or a kevin from celeste? do different things happen if the shell and the kevin are in different states?

i am struggling with creating a structure in which these interactions are simple. it's n^2 complexity, which is decidedly not pona, and attempting to have pona interactions was the whole reason for this project

so this will take more time than i thought

munvoseli src #4219

although at this point i'm willing to look past slope jank in the name of "", so we have that optimization

munvoseli src #4220

better link

munvoseli src #4221

i'm trying to figure out how celeste mods do things, and they use julia

lua feels like a combination of matlab and javascript in the best way possible, and julia feels like a combination of lua and c# in the [not yet determined] way possible

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #4222

hm, in what way is lua like matlab? i can't think of many similarities

munvoseli src #4223

syntax, mostly

and first-class functions

like, when i was taking a numerical analysis course, i wrote my programs in lua first, and then all i had to do was add semicolons and change names of built-in functions and it became matlab

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #4224

hm, interesting

BlueManedHawk src #4225

Particularly interesting considering that, at least according to Wikipedia, neither language was influenced by the other. Convergent evolution, i suppose.

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