c++ rambling #450

munvoseli src #4283

i used to very much dislike c++

but i think that those feelings were only partially founded

while there are things i don't like about c++, and there are things i like that are not in c++, c++ has convenient c abi/sdl2, and more-convenient-than-c dynamic memory management

those things are, like, two of the most important things to me

so potatoes

quintopia src #4285

frankly, I only ever use c++ as if it were C anyway.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #4294

I think that C++ is a horribly overcomplicated kitchen sink language that fails to improve many major flaws of C, being layered haphazardly upon it.

caesar src #4295

C++ was not designed to be an improvement upon C, merely an extension of it. also it may be a kitchen sink language but then again one can simply not use all of its features.

citrons (bureaucrat) (edited ) src #4296

not using features does not mean they do not exist. they are used in codebases and libraries, burden implementations, and inform the usage and idioms of the language in general. you can't just ignore the complexity of a complex language.

also, C++ fails at being an extension to C. C++ is not a full superset of C.

caesar src #4297

an extension does not imply being a strict superset.

viba src #4298

every now and then I think to myself "maybe C++ isn't that bad". then I instantly remind myself that it is.

i don't even know why I have these thoughts in the first place. I have already concluded that C++ is not a language I will ever have any need or will to use in any case.

taswelll (edited ) src #4301

i'm pretty sure extensions imply being supersets ​ like ​ by definition

caesar src #4302

not really.

BlueManedHawk src #4321

Why not?

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