what is "the" #60

MicrowaveSponge src #451

what, specifically, is "the" and does it have a single agreed-upon definition

hecko (edited ) src #457

i believe it's a placeholder word for when one doesn't feel like expressing a certain thing in detail, similar to (because) yes as well as one definition of h

but also the is a deity and you will treat them as such

MicrowaveSponge src #466

that makes sense

citrons (bureaucrat) src #467

well, you must understand that crucially, the

asnev (edited ) src #472

i can't give a concrete answer, but given that this word is used quite often on the internet, i'd say that it is: - the

amby src #480

"what is the" baby dont hurt me

catdotjs src #489

the is the definite article that dumb languages use 😎😎😎

sussybaka src #498

yea imagine having only one definite article that's like so cringe

ultlang src #507

imagine using articles kinda cringe

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