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we are yet to be introduced to various mechanisms which will alter our ability to so brazenly ascend forth, particularly that of skin.

who is mark?

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citrons #596

it is now 1984. bureaucrats control all. this control is achieved via permission configuration.

each user can be assigned a role in a forum. if a user does not have an assigned role in a forum, their role is inherited from the parent forum. each role has permissions, togglable by bureaucrats, restricting or enabling users with the role to post things, configure threads, etc.

there is now a UI for creating subforæ, and subforum creation is a grantable permission.

a "subforum request" subforum shall be created for subforum requests.

citrons #588

prepare to misquote your favorite famous authors because bureaucracy is to be deployed.

before it is deployed on the main apioforum, however, I have created a test apioforum to ensure airtightness.

go forth to the test apioforum

citrons #584

hmm yes. it would probably make sense to have the "last updated" timestamp cascade to ancestor foræ.

citrons (edited ) #582

many people have said that they have lost their passwords. if we stored email addresses, we could have a "forgot password" thing.

it is also currently quite easy to make many many accounts and spam things.

we could also have email notifications. this first requires the implementation of notifications in general.

it probably would not be hard to make python log in to an email server and send emails. I have a server for such purposes.


  • optional for apioforum instances
  • perhaps require email verification for certain actions (but only for new accounts)
  • rate limit the fuck out of anything that sends emails
  • put an "unsubscribe" link at the end of every email. allow the recipient to use this link to be placed on a list of emails to not be emailed under any circumstances.

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citrons #581

yes. I thought we agreed that we should have moderation be site-wide. there is no reason that moderation should be different across subforæ. harmful things should not remain because the people managing a specific subforum do not deem them harmful. this is not reddit.

otherwise, for general management things, we already have the "manage threads" permission and things.

citrons #580

search should be specific to each forum, searching the forum and all of its descendants.

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fossil branch: n/a

citrons #579

Necroposting is an establishment lie, actually.


citrons #564

I do not think that mario says "wah" when he dies in mario 64. I might be wrong

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the plural of "forum" is whatever we want it to be.

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well, you must understand that crucially, the

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he is david byrne.

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I was thinking about background colors/images

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Ѭ is Ѫ but better. it overcomes Ѫ via its iotification.

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that particular aspect is not troubling to me, but I have some improvements that I will probably try to implement.

citrons #403

apioforms are highly organized and optimized for fidelitous communication.

citrons (edited ) #401

I think that it would be cool if the root apioforum continues to contain the same type of threads, but the subforae contain on-topic and meaningful threads.

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