I made a shitty programming language #220

Jmzd8 (edited ) src #1930

it sucks and it uses the crappiest and weirdest interpreter in node.js you've ever seen with a lot of bugs but it works i guess

here's an example of some code:

## bodge
set number i as 0
if #i#==5 then goto 7
add 1 to i
say "this should loop 5 times. (#i#/5)"
goto 3
say "it finished!"

that is a program that loops 5 times

taswelll (edited ) src #1932

you should change # to %

Jmzd8 src #1933

% is already used to get a string from a list

Jmzd8 (edited ) src #1934

here's another example:

set list hw
add hello, to list hw
add world! to list hw
set number i as 0
if #i#==2 then goto 9
add 1 to i
say "%hw|#i#%"
goto 5
say "hello world complete"

it prints

hello world complete
taswelll src #1937

you should then swap # and %

Jmzd8 src #1949

also if you are wondering, it's called jBasher or just jBash ig

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #1950

do you have a link to your interpreter?

Jmzd8 src #1952

please promise to me you wont comment on every single line saying there's something wrong with it unless it's about how i interpret the commands then please tell me how i can fix that

here is the directory jBasher

Jmzd8 src #1953

its using node.js

Dylan src #2005

put it on github lol

UsernameIsPassword src #2009

use anything but github

taswelll src #2010

use everything, including github

Jmzd8 (edited ) src #2011

i will upload it on github when i can

a src #2064


b src #2103


c src #2104


big brother (bureaucrat) #2105
this post never existed.
d src #2106


src #2107

mb src #2108

could yall stop with the letters already

taswelll src #2109

you say that yet your name is composed of TWO letters.

mb src #2110

i implied SINGLE letters.

citrons (bureaucrat) src #2133

"TWO" (2) is quite similar to "one" (1) (single).

viba src #2134

if you think multiplicatively (as most human brains do), 2 (TWO) is quite different from 1 (one) (single), as it is DOUBLE (2*x) the value.

taswelll src #2136

it's an off-by-one error

ultlang src #2141

"DOUBLE" (2*x) the value is quite similar to the VALUE "itself" (1*x), as "TWO" (2) is quite similar to "one" (1) (single).

mb src #2142

i love the random capitalization here lmao

taswelll src #2143

i LOVE the RANDOM capitalization here, LMAO

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