mamma mia #236

kit src #2094

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #2095

what is a .vid file

kit src #2111


viba src #2112

that is roughly 0% helpful.

kit src #2113


taswelll src #2114

firefox can NOT open this

taswelll src #2115

vlc can NOT open this

citrons (bureaucrat) src #2116

mpv can NOT open this

citrons (bureaucrat) src #2117

also, file says that it's "data". I'm guessing that this is a custom format.

kit src #2118

that is a correct assumption

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #2119

what do you want us to do with this then

kit src #2120

i never asked for anybody to do anything

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #2121

that is true

gollark src #2122

If MPV cannot play a file, it does not actually exist/contain video data.

kit src #2124

it contains video data alright

gollark src #2125

If it did, MPV would play it. However, it doesn't. QED.

viba src #2126

not necessarily true. perhaps it contains video data, but in a nonstandard format that MPV would not recognize.

viba src #2127

my (totally definitely reasonable) hypothesis is that kit invented a nonstandard video file format and is trolling all of us.

kit src #2128

i did invent a nonstandard video file format but i am not trolling

viba src #2129

ah. the "trolling" part was non serious so i was 100% correct.

kit src #2130


i was presenting a challenge

munvoseli src #2131

i am thinking this video is 80x60 pixels

munvoseli (edited ) src #2132

i do not have time to figure it out today, because the file size mod (80 * 60) is not 4 and my hypothesis may be incorrect

mb src #2135

what if it is 3

kit src #2137

hint: it is compressed

ubq323 (bureaucrat) src #2138

hm is it zlib but without the zlib header

kit src #2140

nvm this is probably an unfun challenge to yall

bigbenclock src #2345


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