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heavoid src #3939

why do they call it oven when the mind spiders are here and it's already too late?

taswelll src #3940

naming things is convenient, even more so in the event of a mind spider incursion

caesar src #3941

the mind spiders are cute and friendly. let them into your mind, immediately. :3

trimill src #3942

oh no, the spiders have already gotten to caesar. it is too late.

taswelll (edited ) src #3943

do not worry. just add

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

to your /robots.txt file

caesar src #3944

robots.txt is merely a suggestion

the mind spiders can ignore it to propagate spider spider ,bmmgmhmhmmhhhm :3

heavoid src #3945

they aren't actually robots. they're mind spiders.

caesar src #3946

precisely. places mind spider on your head :3

citrons (bureaucrat) src #3947

well, there are some spiders that obey robots.txt.

caesar (edited ) src #3948

mind spiders do not. they are too cute and friendly (and mind-controlling!!!! ^w^) to do so. please enjoy the mind spider i have placed upon your ear. :3

trimill src #3949

nooo the ear is the orifice by which mind spiders get access to the mind

caesar src #3950

well, the fourth-dimensional arxifæ is, but that's close enough to the ears to count.

places mind spider directly on your fourth-dimensional arxifæ :3

serverman (edited ) src #4692

well at least i'm inmune to those spiders...

protip: you can also add

@echo off
*some weird piece of batch code here*

to autoexec.bat, it works. (well kinda idk how this is supposed to work i suck at coding)

edit: ahhhhhh stop! who's ddosing me?

quintopia src #4712

It's the mind spiders. They are hacking your immunity.

caesar src #4713

spidey spdie meind mind spdierd mind spiders accept them they're awesome :3

serverman src #4714

as long as they don't get in system32 everything's ok though... wait... nononono stop stop STOP AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

quintopia src #4716

It seems that the mind spiders have successfully liberated serverman.

caesar src #4717

yayyy!! the serverman is now overjoyed thanks to the Wonderful mind spiders!!! :3

serverman src #4718

not funny.

why is taskmon so big? it used to be waaay smaller...

caesar src #4720


now enjoy your mind spiderness, serverman :3c

serverman src #4721

uhhh guys... someone get this spider off the sata.

iata? data? uhhh...

uganda? swampland?

sri lanka?

caesar src #4722

scruup scruup goes the mind spider, duplicating across your data and power lines, taking over the entire being of the serverman

serverman src #4723

aaaaaahhh get it out get it out!

caesar src #4724

nonononononono it's cute and awesome you'll accept it. especially now that it's scruuping all over your CPU, serverman. :3

serverman src #4725


i want a refund, that insecticide fron the bazaar is absolute crap. it doessnn't kill the spider.

caesar src #4726

insecticide? that's completely illegal, banned by the Modern Earth Hierarchy. you must've gotten fake pretend insecticide, made to imitate the scent without actually causing harm to insects or bugs.

serverman src #4729



does anyone smell something burning?

caesar src #4730

yeah that's the scent of the fake pretend insecticide, it's not actual smoke or fire. it also makes you more easily accepting of mind spiders. :3

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