whats in ur brain #476


  1. brain too big: 2 votes
  2. head empty: 3 votes
  3. mind spider: 4 votes
  4. hypermobility strikes again: 1 votes
  5. danger balloon: 0 votes
  6. squiggly wigglies: 2 votes
  7. something else: 1 votes
brain t...: 2 head empty: 3 mind sp...: 4 hypermo...: 1 squiggl...: 2 somethi...: 1 poll: yeet option "brain too big": 2 votes option "head empty": 3 votes option "mind spider": 4 votes option "hypermobility strikes again": 1 votes option "danger balloon": 0 votes option "squiggly wigglies": 2 votes option "something else": 1 votes total votes: 13
munvoseli (edited ) src #4515

i have a brain mri tomorrow so i made this because reasons alfdka potatoes

amby src #4516

my brain is full of sponge

munvoseli src #4517

it was something else actually, and not a bad thing

heavoid src #4518

not enough neurotransmitters. also, the mind spiders.

viba src #4519

The vibahead is a head Light as Air.

mkukiro src #4520

i am

bee src #4521


trimill src #4525

the spiders are coming

taswelll src #4526

caesar src #4527

the mind spiders are cute. embrace them. embrace them before they embrace you and you will be incredibly happy. :3

NikiTricky src #4529

millions of tiny critters triggered nerve endings in this human to type this message out

ItzzMe src #4700


arcade src #4703

I agree with ItzzMe


citrons (bureaucrat) src #4710

I do experience this.

skye src #4711

i have a spider in my soul

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